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What Is Snuggles?

Snuggles (an email discussion list) is the birthplace of the concept for the Droplift Project. Snuggles began as a forum for discussion about Negativland, a group of experimental musicians and media terrorists. Although Negativland chat is still common, in recent years Snuggles has evolved into a full digital community of artists and fans hosting discussions on the ethics and techniques of sampling, copyright law, the "music industry", and the media in general. For more information, see the Snuggles FAQ.

Other Snuggles Projects

If you enjoy the Droplift Project, you may also be interested in some other collections of music that have come out of Snuggles. Many of these projects are also available online for free download or can be traded for, including "Snuggle This!", "Red Hand Dave", and "The Art Of Snuggling". To find out more, check out the Droplift Related Links.